• Brooke Christian

Anyone else like to do things just to see what happens? Maybe I’m like a mad scientist but sometimes I just want to experiment and see what the fuss is all about. Like the past few weeks, Lumberjack and I were having a tough time connecting. Family vacations are fun and tiring and memorable but they don’t leave tons of room for romance.

So I was thinking about what I could do to keep connected through the chaos. My usual go-to tips of flirting and sexting and butt pinching were still in heavy rotation but they were far less effective than usual. Time for something new.

The 6 second kiss.

I had read months ago that a 6 second kiss with your partner 2x a day is enough to either keep your flame burning or relight it. I always found that sort of interesting and I guess my brain had it dog-eared because as I searched for a plan to reconnect, it popped into my head like a big flashing sign…KISS HIM…KISS HIM…KISS HIM.

This is the photo I sent him when I announced my new plan…pucker up, buddy!

So I did. For 6 seconds. 2x a day. And you know what? It really connected us! I know it sounds crazy but 6 seconds is just enough time to go from a peck to a smooch to something deeper. And each time the 6 seconds were up, it was hard to pull away. I was just on the verge of getting wound up and turned on. At 2 seconds I could’ve easily pulled away. Same goes for 4 seconds. But that extra 2….that’s what does it.

It got me thinking what it would be like to institute this kissing ritual every day. Not just when it’s hard to be close or have intimacy but to have that moment together every morning and every night. If I were a betting girl (and anyone who’s been with me in Vegas knows I am), I would put money on it bringing more intimacy and more sex into our daily lives. Because even though it seems like a short amount of time, that 6 seconds is actually enough to stoke your flame…the only question is whether you let the embers quietly burn or if you let the flame fan out into a full fledged fire.

Your life is insanely busy. And most days, I’m guessing that you and your partner aren’t kissing as much as bumping into each other with a quick “hi” and “goodbye” peck. I’m definitely guilty of it. Sometimes I get so lost in my day or my stress or my tiredness that I barely acknowledge that Lumberjack is either going or coming. Not good. And certainly not a good plan for keeping things hot. Pecks don’t lead to steamy sex. But good deep kisses….yeah, those can definitely lead somewhere fun.

Could the key to keeping the flame burning be as simple as 6 seconds? Maybe. I’m a believer and it’s now a permanent part of our daily routine. In fact, I really look forward to it and often wonder, “will the 6 seconds lead to more today”? It’s a fun way to start and end your day, anticipating what’s to come. And it’s definitely brought us closer and let to appropriately inappropriate things which you know are my favorite kind.

Sound crazy? Try it. It’s 12 seconds a day. We all have enough time for that kind of experiment, right? 

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