• Brooke Christian

Having sex to music isn’t exactly rocket science. We all figured out in high school that music was a great foil for afternoon hook-ups behind closed doors. The Dave Matthews Band will forever be make-out music as far as I’m concerned.

Although I used music a lot when I was younger, it occurred to me a while ago that while I was pretty loud during sex (Lumberjack would need a serious muzzle to keep me quiet in bed), I was having quiet sex. Like, library quiet sex. 

Here’s the thing: sex without music is like food without salt. It’s palatable but all the flavors really come out with a couple of pinches. Of salt. Of your ass. Whichever.

Time for a change…

Through a freak radio scan while my newborn was screaming, I discovered modern country music. Not only did it calm down my son, but I began to love it too and found that it made me feel really sexy and extremely flirty. Luckily Lumberjack is a redneck at heart so it was a match made in heaven. I had found my make-out music 2.0! Suddenly, our sex had more rhythm, more passion and more moves thanks to the music we had spinning next to our bed. And the best part was that magical thing that happens with music association…now when I hear certain songs, I think about Lumberjack and what we did while it was playing, and that little memory response  can turn me on in the most unexpected places which is a fun treat all on it’s own! If you see me slyly smiling when a song comes on, chances are I’m thinking about what I was doing the last time that song was playing…

In fact, we’ve been able to take the music/sex connection even further…I have a few fun toys in my dresser that actually pulse to the beat of my favorite tunes. Yup. My music! Synced to an amazing vibe that changes it’s vibrations with the beat of the music! Honestly, it takes your make-out session to a whole other level because you can really get lost in the music (and how many of us need a way to just quiet the noise in our heads while we’re in bed?! I would bet lots.). HEAVEN!

So figure out what kind of music makes you want to dance a little dirtier. Mine is country. Yours might not be what you normally listen to so experiment. And if you’re intrigued by the music-synced vibes I talked about, send me an email at brooke@flirtygirlguide.com and I can happily show you all the options.

Such a great way to spend date night…dancing in the kitchen to your favorite songs.

Important note: I have a theory that the whole music/make-out connection is a pretty uniquely female trigger. In an informal poll, I found that most men can get turned on with a siren blaring if the right woman is in front of them; music is most definitely not required for their pleasure. Our pleasure, on the other hand, is a different story.

Music is just another sexual lubricant. Auditory lingerie. Something that helps you slip from the real world to your pleasure place.

So play music, get your groove on…then put it on repeat.

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