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We all the know the saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder” but I have a theory that absence can make the heart grow hotter too. The reality is that we all lead incredibly busy lives and often times, the craziness means being away from our partners. Business trips, girls weekends, golf outings…time apart is a fact of life but I believe that physical distance doesn’t have to mean emotional (or sexual) distance.

Ok, full disclosure: some of the following ideas require slightly more effort than I normally recommend BUT they provide big payoffs that make them worth the extra couple of minutes required to execute. Promise.

And don’t think that I’m all talk and no action. Last week I was 3,000 miles away from Lumberjack on a business trip and not only did I bust out these moves over my 4 days away, but I discovered something really interesting in the process: sometimes sex apart can be hotter than sex together. In fact, sometimes I actually look forward to being apart just so we can indulge that naughty side that is so easy to push to the background when you’re home together and juggling crazy schedules.

So here are my top 3 ideas for keeping things hot while you’re apart:

Naughty pics

When I know one of us has a trip coming up, I stockpile a bunch of naughty pics in my phone (I store everything X-rated in a super-locked up app so my kids don’t see things they shouldn’t when they commandeer my phone…I like PhotoVault for iOS but there are lots of other options). Then every night that we’re apart, I text him a new pic with a sexy little message. It’s hot to know that he gets excited receiving them. Plus, it makes him feel wanted and thought-of while we’re apart. It’s simple and easy goodwill that can come back to you in SPADES! (A husband who feels wanted and paid attention to is way more likely to be nicer, help more and just be a better partner.) If you want to take the photos in the moment vs stockpiling them, god bless you.

This isn’t me but you get the idea.

Have virtual sex

No, I’m not suggesting you Skype sex. If you already do that and it works for you, by all means keep doing it. I actually hate Skype sex. I find it a little gross and a lot awkward. My alternative? Create a racy video and send it via Dropbox (again, to ensure it’s secure and private). If you’re a little shy, how about a strip tease in his favorite lingerie? If you’re a little bolder, how about a bird’s eye view of you pleasuring yourself in his absence? I recently did this for Lumberjack, even though I was cringing and embarrassed as hell as I pressed “send.” Thankfully, he went BANANAS over it and tried to book me on an earlier return flight just so he could see the live version ASAP.

There’s an app for that

Sex toys these days are crazy cool. Two of my favorites can be controlled by an app on Lumberjack’s phone. I simply text him that I’m ready to play, fire up my little friend and let him control the speed and intensity. It’s hot, it’s fun and it’s an incredible way to create intimacy. So even when we’re miles apart, he can still make me see stars.

The app for one of my favorite toys. Can you believe this is possible?!

So if your summer plans take you and your husband in different directions, keep these ideas in mind. Lumberjack is off to Montreal this weekend for a bachelor party…maybe I’ll try one of these. Or maybe I’ll come up with something even better 😉

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