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I am currently on vacation and before every trip, Lumberjack and I flirt about all the sexy stuff we’re going to do while we’re away. Date nights, places to watch the sun set, what our plan is for escaping family and friends and getting some time together. For this trip, it occurred to me that one very big must-do needed to be added to our list: sex on the beach. I’ve never done it and I’ve always wanted to. Does that surprise you? A lot of people think that because I founded Flirty Girl, then I must be into all kinds of weird sex but that’s actually the farthest thing from the truth. I just like great sex. However I do it. As long as it rocks my world, I’m good with however it happens.

The more we talked about our upcoming beach escapade, the more I starting thinking about what else I wanted to try sexually. Bucket lists are all the rage these days so why not create a sexual one!? Once I sat down and really started listing out what I’d love to try, I realized that even a pretty experienced girl like myself can quickly get excited about all the creative and fun ideas out there. Suddenly I was running out of paper and Lumberjack was foaming at the mouth.

How beach sex looks in my head. How it looks in reality? TBD.

Here’s a starter list to spark your sexual creativity. There are tons of others I could’ve added but trust me, whipped cream belongs on your ice cream and not on your nipples.


  1. Have a water flow orgasm (think shower heads, bath spouts etc. these orgasms are very different from ones produced by hands or mouths, they’re more expansive and intense)

  2. Sex in public or with someone watching (at the movies, on a balcony, in the restaurant bathroom, a fitting room in a department store)

  3. Role play

  4. Threesome

  5. Be a dominant (tie up your man)

  6. Be a submissive (let him tie you up)

  7. Mile high club (personally, i think this sounds better in theory but lots of people REALLY want to do this)

  8. Do all the positions in the kama sutra

  9. Tantric sex

  10. Anal sex

  11. Sex in a car (I am DYING to do this by the way…)

  12. Blindfolded sex

  13. Outdoor sex

Any of these sound interesting? Anything make your stomach do a little flip-flop? Hope so! There are so many more, it’s almost endless.

Figure out what turns you (and him) on. In fact, creating your personal sexual bucket list is a great date night activity…next time you guys are having dinner, casually mention you’ve been creating a mental list of things you’d love to try and ask him if he wants to add anything. Guarantee he’ll be throwing you over his shoulder cave-man style to start tackling that list ASAP. Best. Foreplay. Ever.

So start thinking and start writing down ideas. And then DO THEM. Studies show that you are much more likely to do something if you write it down. Even better? Set a completion date for each idea on your list. How about one idea per date night? Or save it for vacation. And even if you only cross off one thing from your list, at least you tried something new and fulfilled a desire.

You may not love everything you try out but you will never regret trying something you’ve always wanted to do. That I know for sure. Ain’t life fun?

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